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19-21 June, NECC (Shanghai)

Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co. Ltd is a professional organization by managing trade shows, events online B2B platforms, which is a joint venture between Shanghai Sinoexpo International Exhibition Ltd and Informa PLC-a leading B2B information services group and the largest B2B Events organiser in the world. Countless Trade opportunities have been created to cater for more than 900,000 worldwide business buyers from our 60+ international exhibitions, the total exhibition area of which covered 1,350,000 sqm in 2021.
Headquartered in Shanghai, Sinoexpo Informa Markets operates two branches in Beijing and Guangzhou as well as one joint venture in Guzhen Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. The total headcount exceeds 400.

Exhibitor Contact
Rita Li
Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co.LTD
Tel: 86-21-3339-2307
Email: rita.li@imsinoexpo.com

Visitor Contact
Ming Gao
Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co.LTD
Tel: 86-21-3339-2094
Email: ming.gao@imsinoexpo.com