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19-21 June, NECC (Shanghai)

We recommend that you book a hotel close to the exhibition halls to reduce the carbon footprint of long-distance transportation.
Most of our recommended hotels are equipped with free buses to and from the exhibition halls at regular intervals, we recommend that you take the hotel free bus to and from the exhibition halls, the hotel bus information is also subject to the hotel announcement.

Shanghai Kingland Conference & Exhibition Co.
Contact: Ms. Tan 13816418775
Phone number: +86-21- 58473087
Mailbox: 2804486128@qq.com
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Shanghai Aorunt Exhibition Service Co.
Contact: Ms. Zhou 17321367242 (WeChat same number)
Phone number: +86-21-51099795
E-mail: booking@orient-explorer.com.cn
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Shanghai Union Xuan Exhibition Service Co.
Contact: Ms. Xu Weiwei 13761531951 (WeChat same number)
Phone number: 021-51877530
E-mail : xuweiwei@mxydt.Com
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